Savannah Outen - Somewhere Over The Rainbow chords

savannah did an outstanding cover of this song on youtube and these are the chords she 
used, she did some odd D-chords and i'm not exactly sure what they are called but i'll 
tab them for ya

*only play ^^ those chords where it says (D chords) where just says "D" play a regular D. *Savannah picks most of the song, you can listen to the video, it's a pretty simple picking pattern. *Enjoy capo 1 Intro. G-Em-Cadd9-D
G Em (D chords)Somewhere over the rainbow
Cadd9 GWay up high
Cadd9 GThere's a land that I heard of
Cadd9 D GOnce in a lullaby.
G Em (D chords)Somewhere over the rainbow
Cadd9 GSkies are blue,
Cadd9 G Cadd9And the dreams that you dare to dream
D GReally do come true.
GSomeday I'll wish upon a star
Cadd9And wake up where the clouds are far
G DBehind me.
GWhere troubles melt like lemon drops
AAway above the chimney tops
D D (strum)That's where you'll find me.
G Em (D chords) Cadd9Somewhere over, over the rainbow
Cadd9 GBluebirds fly.
Cadd9 GBirds fly over the rainbow.
Cadd9 D GWhy then, oh why can't I?
---one strum for each of these next chords----
GIf happy little bluebirds fly
Cadd9Beyond the rainbow
D GWhy, oh why can't I?
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