Savoy Brown – Stay While The Night Is Young chords

Stay While the Night is Young
by Savoy Brown
*In the video used to find these chords, Simmonds does not bar the Bbm and Ab chords. 
Instead, he uses the thumb on the 6th string.

Bbm (6,8,8,6,6,x)
Ab  (4,6,6,5,4,x)
Eb9 (x,6,5,6,6,x)
D9  (x,5,4,5,5,x)
Db9 (x,4,3,4,4,x)

Bb9 Ab Eb9 Don't worry 'bout the morning
Bb9 Ab Eb9 Because the day might never come
Bb9 Ab Eb9 Don't worry 'bout the future
D9 Db9 **Bb9 Just stay while the night is young
**The last Bb9 in the chorus is the first in the reutrn to the Bb9->Ab->Eb9 progression
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