Eloise chords with lyrics by Say Anything - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Say Anything – Eloise chords

So this song is actually quite easy, i'll just provide the chords because well, you 
alot more by knowing the chords as opposed to every little twiddly guitar part.

NOTE: This is not a transcription of the acoustic version to simulate the acoustic 
on youtube just move everything down 1 1/2 steps



Am G FLaid out,Puking in the back of a
Am G Ffancy bar You and your friends in the
Am G Ffront booth Laughing at my sweet naivety
Am G FAnd its awkward gravity
Am G FThree years Saw the decimation of
Am G Fthe world in you Messiah complex
Am G F AmLed a fickle flu to see its antidote and end in you
GBut now I'm gonna leave you
Chorus: Now I am having difficulty aligning what words the changes take place on so here is the progression, a simple variation on the first with a Dm thrown in right at turnaround, if you listen you will notice it. F-Am-G-Dm thats essentially it, listen to the recording to perfectly sync it up but yeah enjoy. It sound like they are playing diffrent chords during that infected band aids part, but not. Also to change corresponding chords to power chords if you are doing it electric... or it up as you wish. Feel free to correct me on anything or post questions.
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