Say Hi To Your Mom – Laundry chords

Laundry-Say Hi To Your MomVerse/ChorusB-X 2 4 4 X XF#-2 4 4 X X XE-0 2 2 X X X
Pre-ChorusE-7 7 9 9 9 XEm-7 7 9 9 8 7
B F# E BWell it was certainly that day,
B F# E Bpacked the clothes and did the laundry.
B F# E BI put it off, but they were alive.
B F# E BWhen I'd walk by they'd give me five.
B F# E BSo I packed up boxers and socks.
B F# E BAnd had a bagel with some lox
B F# E BBut if I'd known she would be there
B F# E BThat girl with chopsticks in her hair.
E EmChorus
B F# E BSo do you come here all the time?
B F# E BWhy are your's fluffier than mine?
B F# E BI think its time to change my pill.
B F# E BBut your soap technique is pretty ill.
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