Saywecanfly – Candle chords

G  Bm  Em  D

GMaybe I will never know you
BmBut I still feel like I know you
EmI could have sworn that you were right there
BmIn the room with me tonight
GI don't know what I'm so afraid of
BmMaybe it's loneliness
Or maybe it's the pain of
EmGrowing up so fast
DI know the moments never last
[chorus 1]
GLate at night when I can't sleep
BmBecause I drank too much caffeine
EmI stay up so I won't have to wake up
BmWith no one next to me
GBut I find beauty in the darkness
Bm'Cause what else am I to do?
EmWhen I hear you speaking softly
DI know that you can see the beauty too
G Bm Em D [verse]
GMaybe I will never know why
BmEverything feels like it's crashing down at midnight
EmThe moonlight is so bright
But I just don't feel right
BmUntil I listen to you telling me it's alright
GI was unaware of you
BmYou were unaware of me of too
EmMaybe in another life
BmYou weren't so far away
[chorus 2]
GEarly in the morning
BmWhen I wake up I need caffeine
EmI drift off into a world where I
BmCan just tell you my dreams
GBecause I think you'd understand them
BmAnd the universe in me
EmBut even if I never know you
DYou're my candle
When it's too dark to see G Bm Em D
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