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Intro:  Em   D   G   G

Intro tab:

Em D G G There are times you look forward to what’s comin’ Em D G There are times to look back upon the past Em D G G From when you’re born till the day that you are dyin’ C D G G You always hope that the good times last And you know you’re sailin’ the Titanic Yeah you know in the end there’s the sea No reason why you should start a panic ‘Cause you found out this is the place to be C D Maybe I don’t let it show honey C D Maybe you don’t even know Em D G But if you would put two and two together C D G You’d know I got four aces in a row One day you find your dog days are over You realise a lot is left for you to do And you try not to look over your shoulder Ah but you will cause there’s chances that you blew Repeat chorus Maybe I don’t let it show honey Maybe you don’t even know But if you would put two and two together You’d know I got four aces in a row You got ‘em too cause you harvest what you sow Life is a stake on a single throw
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