Scatman John - Scatmans World tab

Scatman John is real --

Chords by M.C. Brown Shoes (
Haxed by Public Transport

    D                A
I'm calling out from Scatland
    Bm                         F#m
I'm calling out from Scatman's World
       G                            Bm
If you wanna break free, you better listen to me
              G                         A
You've got to learn how to see, in your fantasy

D                  A 
Everybody's talkin something very shockin'
        Bm                            F#m
Just to keep on blockin' what they're feeling inside
    G                               Bm
But listen to me, brother, you just keep on walkin'
      G                               A
Cause you and me and sister ain't got nothin' to hide... etc.
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