School Of Fish - Kerosene tab

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From: (andy)
Date: Wed, 31 May 1995 23:50:05 -0500
Subject: CRD: Kerosene by School of Fish

Thou taketh, thou shall giveth back or whatever

by School of Fish

That riff:



G#                               F#                         D#
Now there's nowhere left to go   cause I know how it should be
Something lit up in the back of my head for a minute I could finally see
It went dark again, now that's where I am  but I'm not here at all


B  C
   Lit you up and
F#   G#
Left you clean
F#   G#
B  C
   Lit you up and
E*             C
Left you somewhere

*play it as 5th string barre chord

Hopefully that is at all legible

More verse:

Useless as a wishing well, when I try I always get it wrong
Tied to everything I already know, blind to any kiss from beyond
Built a room in the sky, a window on the floor, but it was nothing like before

Chorus (same as before)


B                                   E                       C#
I can't believe it's come to this I chased the view right off the cliff

B  E  C

The moment's come and gone and I still don't understand
Even though I know it's where it was
Sleeping in my empty hands


Bridge chords

I know where I should be when I'm where I should be


Slow part is B E C too.

That little intro to the slow part is:

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