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School Of Rock – Math Is A Wonderful Thing tab

Chords used:-
C - 01023X

D - 23200X

G - 300023 0R 330023

and so, my first tab may be a bit sad but my friend loves it so, for you Jack Black

C         D         G  
Math is a wonderful thing

C         D           G
Math is a really cool thing

So get off your ass and 

Do some Math

C         D         G
Math math math math math

C           D        G 
Three minus four is...negative one

C               D             G
And six times a million is..six million

       C               G                C                  D
And if fifty four is a forty five more, what is the answer marta?

D    (C)       D     (C)      D     (C)                  D its its nine.. i know, i was just testing

    C        D                       G G G G G G (Keep strumming)
The answer's nine..and thats a magic number 

hurray! hope you like it! im pretty sure its all there and its right so enjoy. you just
need to know the timing really and you should have it sorted! ta ta for now though
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