School Of Rock - Zachs Song tab version 1

to learn this song you need to hear it first to get the rythm.......

   D                                                         C   
   baby    we  were   making   strait   as
  G                                              C               
   but we were stuck in the dum days 
   D                               C                                      
   don`t take much to memorize your lies
G                                     C
    feels like ive been hypnotized
   D                                   C   
   then the magic man came to mee
   he said sessions and sessions 
   two and two make 5
  G        (Let it ring)        
     and  ooooh   baby im alive                    
    il tell you am alive!!!!

    solo    (don`t know)

            ( now start to hit all the time)
                       D                                         E
    and if you wanna be the teachers man
    G                          D          D
    baby you better forget it
   couse rock got no reason 
   rock got no rime
  you better get me on school on time yeah!!!!!

   then another solo that i don`t know.
when you almost nail this song your are gonna love it.
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