Schuyler Fisk - From Where Im Standing tab

This is a really easy song to play. the 1st version is pretty close but when i watched 
fisk play looked extremely easy. here's the 100% accurate "From Where I'm 
A DEFINTE 5 out of 5 guitar tab.
 *also this isn't the actual strumming pattern but it's very easy to learn. just listen 
the song*
***Capo 7***


D CAAD G D CAAD I guess it's not the way you always planned it. CAAD G D CAAD Looks like you're headed for a crash landin'. CAAD G {Go to Chorus} That's just the way it looks from where I'm standin'.
Bridge: Em6 CAAD DE/--333--333--222----/B/--333--333--333----/G/--000--000--222----/ orD/--222--222---------/A/--222--333---------/E/--000--------------/
Em6 Let it fall CAAD Let it come down D Em6 CAAD Let it crash around you D around you (End on G at the end of the song)
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