Scorpions – Daddys Girl tab

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From: (Sylvio Tabor)
Subject: CRD: Scorpions "Daddy's Girl"

This is a song from the album FACE THE HEAT, said to be
a bonus track for the german fans of Scorpions.
So I dont know if this song is well known all over the world.

This transcription is merly a try. The chords are correct, but
the picking is rather approximating. (In the original version
they use two guitars).

For easy learning the best will be - for the first time -
to play only the bass line.
Then you can switch over to the complete picking of barree chords.

It has been a long time since my last posting to this group, so
sorry if I miss any rules.
(I dont subscribe, sent email if any questions)

bm D A or A-barree G F# eme|------|------|------|------|------|------|------| |--3--3|--7--7|--2--2|--5--5|--3--3|--2--2|--8--8| |-4--4-|-7--7-|-2--2-|-6--6-|-4--4-|-3--3-|-9--9-| |---4--|---7--|---2--|------|------|------|---9--| |2-----|5-----|0-----|---7--|---5--|---4--|7-----|E|------|------|------|5-----|3-----|2-----|------|
SCORPIONS: Daddy's Girl ============ bm Sweet little child You know nothing but a cold world outside D your're too young to realize bm what he wants from you tonight bm Poor little girl there is noone you can trust in the world D in the darkness of the night bm what he's doing is a crime A G Your mother denies A there's a problem F# G she's looking away A F# she dont wanna hear you cry G she will pray A bm then it's over for a while Sweet little child ... Your mother denies ... em bm An ocean of silence G A is drowning your heart em bm what never should be G A will remain in the dark Poor little girl... Sweet little child... Your mother denies... An ocean of silence... Sweet little child... She is daddy's girl Daddy's girl...
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