Scott Mellis - Lioness chords

Scott Mellis - Lioness 
song written by scott mellis Copyright protected

The Song is Capo 4 

G, Em , C  Verse

Chorus - C,G, Am,Em 
         C,G, Bm
         C,G, Am ,Em , C , G 

GWhen you're Down , and lost
Em C GAnd your soul is a river through a harboured loch
G I will abide, and caress
Em C GI'll be your hunter , You my lioness
If night grows cold I'll stand by you, if you're affected or alone i will come through, oh i will try so undo your arms and don't be reckless with your heart and hold your lungs
C G Am Emyou're lying there with your heartbeat warming
C G Bmthis old regret just an early warning
C G Am Emlet go of your heart and your songs of sorrow
C C Gwe'll light the dark , we'll fill the hollow
when your hope has faded, know the only way out is the way in open your eyes and i'll be the first thing you see just like a thread i'm tied to you, like the buttons on your dress you're tied to me the sky it roars above us like a canopy rolling thunder, like a canopy rolling thunder
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