Scottish - Dark Island chords

The Dark Island.

C F CAway to the Westward I'm longing to be
C Em C GWhere the beauties of heaven unfold by the sea
G F/C C Where the sweet purple heather runs fragrant and free
C G7 COn a hill top high above the Dark Island.
C F COh Isle of my childhood I'm dreaming of thee
C Em C GAs the steamer leaves Oban and passes Tiree
G F/C CSoon I'll capture the magic that lingers for me
C G7 C When I'm back once more upon the Dark Island
C F CSo gentle the sea breeze that ripples the bay
C Em C GWhere the stream joins the ocean, and young children play
G F/C COn the strand of pure silver, I'll welcome each day
C G7 CAnd I'll roam forever more the Dark Island
C F CTrue gem of the Hebrides bathed in the light
C Em C GOf the midsummer dawning that follows the night
G F/C C How I yearn for the cries of the seagulls in flight
C G7 CAs they circle high above the Dark Island
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