October Grey tab with lyrics by Screaming Jets - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Screaming Jets – October Grey tab

An Australian ballad steeped in Oz Biker culture.. suggest you listen to the original to 
out the strum... An excellent song - acoustic OR electric...

October Grey by The Screaming Jets
Capo 4th Fret
  [Em]   x8

[Am] [Em] It's [Am] been a [Em] while 
And I [Am] still [Em] remember [C] that [G] smile you kept for me [Am][Em][Am][Em]
[Am]  [Em] Lately [Am] I have [Em] missed you 
And it [Am] hits me [Em] in the [C] morning [G] when I'm [Am] cold [Em] [Am]

[C] I [G] have [D] nothing to [Am] say [C]
But I can't [Am] chan[Em]ge a [Am] thing [Em]
No I can't [Am] chan[Em]ge a [Am] thing [Em]

[Am] And [Em] if I knew [Am] [Em] [Am] [Em]what I [Am] know [Em]
[C] If I'd [G] said what I meant [Am] [Em] 
[Am] When [Em] all the [Am] big dogs [Em] [Am] get to [Em] grow their own [Am] [Em]
[C] Everybody [G] got to call some place [Am] home [Em] [Am]


[C] And I [G] have [D] nothing to [Am] say
[C] Memo[G] ries [D] in Oc[Am]tober [C] Grey
But I can't [Am] change [Em] a [Am] thing [Em]
I can't [Am] change [Em] a [Am] thing [Em]
Can't [Am] change [Em] anything [Am] [Em]
Can't [Am] change [Em] a [Am] thing [Em]

[INTERLUDE]   [Am] [C] [Em] x8

[G] Oh [D] wrapped in Oc[Am]tober [C] Grey   
[Em] x4
[Am] Now I [Em] have [Am] learned [Em] [Am] [Em]not to tr[Am]ust [Em]
[C] I've got to [G] watch everything I [Am] feel [Em] [Am] [Em]
[Am] You'll [Em] never know [Am] [Em] and I'll
[Am] never [Em] let you [Am] see [Em]
[C] What I've [G] done and what's be[Am]come of me [Em] [Am]


[C] I [G] have [D] no words to [Am] say
[C]  Memo[G]ries [D] memories of [Am] Mothers [C] Day
I can't [Am] change [Em] a [Am]thing [Em]
I can't [Am] change [Em] a [Am]thing [Em]
I [Am] just can't [Em] change [Am] any[Em]thing
I can't [Am] change [Em] a [Am]thing [Em]

OUTRO	[Am] [C] [Em] x4	[Am]
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