Screaming Trees – Dollar Bill tab

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Dollar Bill - Screaming trees
This is a very simple song so you won't have any trouble
playing it! mainly it just 4 chords in normal tunung

Any comments or questions : (bas)

chords used:

C Fmaj7 D C7e:--0---0-----2---0---|B:--1---1-----3---1---|G:--0---2-----2---3---|D:--2---3-----0---2---|A:--3---3---------3---|E:--------------------|
C Fmaj7 C Fmaj7 Oooh_____________ Ah_______ Ah________ C Fmaj7 C Fmaj7 Mm______ That's the chord progression for the next part: C Fmaj7 C Fmaj7 Torn like an old dol-ar bill__ Girl,let them say what they will.. And no one should Hurt yah that's all i seem to do That now one should de-sert ya that's all i seem to do I got-ta tell ya Goodbye mama We're tak-in' this to far (No Fmaj this time!) D Fmaj7 C7 Been try'n to tell you what's goin on Yeah Fmaj7 C7 Fmaj7 tryin' to make it easy on yah try'n to make it bet-er C7 Fmaj7 C7 Fmaj7 , make it easy oh, on ya S'all i came to do Oh C Fmaj7 C Fmaj7 S'all i came ___________ to do Oh Ooh C Fmaj7 C Now, down the light and i must be dream-in 'cause i see clearly Fmaj7 C Fmaj7 C I see angles bringin' something to me Moth-er Mer________cy Fmaj7 C Fmaj7 Told a lie i didn't need it Goodbye mama I've taken this too far D Fmaj7 Been gone a while been gone a long Guitar solo during solo this is the chord progression: C7 Fmaj7 C Fmaj7 C7 Fmaj7 C7 Fmaj7 C7 Fmaj7 C Fmaj7 C Fmaj7 C Fmaj7 C Fmaj7 Text during solo: way_____________________ Oh Oh,yeah I don't wanna hurt ya S'all i seem to do Don't wanna desert yah That's all i seem to do I got-ta tel yah__ C Fmaj7 C Good bye mama, I've taken this too far D Fmaj7 C7 Been down a while ,been down a long way Fmaj7 C7 Fmaj7 tryi'n to make it easy on yah tryin to make it better,make it C7 Fmaj7 C7 Fmaj7 C Fmaj7 easy on ya S'all i came to do Ah___ S'all i came to do C Fmaj7 S'all i came___________to do S'all i came to do Slower part (end) C Fmaj7 C Fmaj7 Ohh ay Oh C Fmaj7 C Torn like an old dol-ar bill
Solo:e:-----------------------------------------------------------------------|B:---------------------------------15--15^1/4^full---15^1/2v-------------|G:---------------------------------------------------15^1/2v-------------|D:-17-1/2^full^1 1/2r17--------------------------------------------------|A:-----------------------------------------------------------------------|E:-----------------------------------------------------------------------| ^^^^^^^^Okay i'll try to explain this you start in the 17th fred holding it up half a tone the push it further up to a full tone, then even further and finally release it to a clean tone (listen to the cd!!!)
e:------------------------------------------------------------------------|B:--13-------------------------------10^1/2 r10^1/2 r10---13^full 13-----|fullG:-----------9^1/2 (9) r9----------8--------------------------------------|D:------------------------------------------------------------------------|A:------------------------------------------------------------------------|E:------------------------------------------------------------------------| ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 9th fred push up 1/2 a tone hold then release (CD!!!!)
e:------------------------------------------------------------------------|B:--------------------------------------------13^1/2 r13------------------|G:--(17)----------------10^full r10---------------------------------------|D:--------------------------------------(10)-------------------------10---|fullA:------------------------------------------------------------------------|E:------------------------------------------------------------------------|
e:-----------------------------------------------------------------------|B:----------------------------------13^half (13) r-----------------------|G:-----------------------------------------------------------------------|D: r10-------------------------------------------------------------------|A:-----------------------------------------------------------------------|E:-----------------------------------------------------------------------|
That's all! Pretty easy! the solo looks pretty difficult (at least to me it did but it's SIMPLE!!) you have to listen to the cd for the exact timing though (especially for the solo!) Any comments or questions :
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