Sea Of Bees - Wizbot chords

			     Sea of Bees - Wizbot
Tabbed by: John Collum


Capo on the 4th Fret. 

Nice song by the Sea of Bees.

Alot of the chords are based on watchign the video for the song: 

The up and downstroke rhythm and palm mutting is key in this song so give it a 
listen to pick it up. 


Bm G* D A7sus4 Bme|---2--------0--------2--------0--/--0--\--0--/--0-----2-------------------|B|---3--------0--------3--(5)---3--/--5--\--3--/--5-----3-------------------|G|---4-(2)----4--(6)---2--------0--/--0--\--0--/--0-----4-(2)---Repeat------|D|---4--------0--------0--------2--/--4--\--2--/--4-----4-------------------|A|---2--------2--------0--------0--/--0--\--0--/--0-----2-------------------|E|---2--------3--------0--------0--/--0--\--0--/--0-----2-------------------|
G* Bm e|---0---------2----------------------|B|---0---------3----------------------|G|---4--(6)----4---------Repeat-------|D|---0---------4----------------------|A|---2---------2----------------------|E|---3---------2----------------------|
Interlude After repeat end on:
E7 Bm Ame|---0-------2----------------0------------|B|---3-------3----------------1------------|G|---1-------4------Repeat----2------------|D|---2-------4----------------2------------|A|---2-------2----------------0------------|E|---0-------2----------------0------------|
Structure Intro Verse Chorus Verse (Instrumental) Verse Chorus Interlude Verse There seems to be embelishment on the chords on different strokes and I am not sure I have got them all right so please contact me about alterations. Enjoy the tab. Please rate and contact me with any comments. | / slide up | \ slide down | h hammer-on | p pull-off | ~ vibrato | + harmonic | x Mute note ============================================================================
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