Sea Wolf – Garden That You Planted tab


I put two different ways to pluck the chords.  It sounds to me (especially
on the Em) like Mr. Sea Wolf puts his hand in a power chord position, but
you can play the song equally in first position.  It may sound a tiny bit
harsher, but it’s easier for the lazy or slow player.

Oh, and these chords are actually D5 G5 A5 and E5 as they’re played on the
guitar, but the vocal melody and surrounding instrumentation put the song in
the key of D and kind of add up to the chords I’ve written (in case you want
to improvise).

First position or Power chords D G A Em or D G A Em-----------------------------0---|-------------------------------------|-----3----------------------0-0--|-------------------------------------|----2-2------0-------2-----------|------7-----------------------9------|---0--------0-0-----2-2----2-----|-----7-7------5-------7------9-9-----|-------------------0-------------|----5--------5-5-----7-7----7--------|-----------3---------------------|------------3-------5----------------|
Intro: D D G Good morning dear - I hope I didn't wake you too soon. D G Because my mind is growing tired - too much thinking what I should do. D G I picture you out there - it must be beautiful this time of year. D G All those east coast leaves - floating round like embers from burning trees A G oh the weather out here is just the same Em A D D G but the garden that you planted remains D G Now it's only work - each day bleeding into the next. D G Barely scraping by - I tired myself out just so I can rest. D G But rest it rarely comes - when it does I cannot go home. D G Because it's much too quiet - seems that I'm not suited to being alone. A G And everyone around me has changed, Em A D D G but the garden that you planted remains D G I think about you - maybe more than I should. D G But the smoke is getting old - the drugs I'm taking aren't so good. D G So will you talk to me - even though you've had a late night? D G Because I need a little help - baby tell me I'll be alright. A G Cause everything around me has changed, Em A D but the garden that you planted remains.
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