Seabird – Extraordinary chords

Hi! i'm reih natividad and this is my first time submitting a tab here
so i hope you guys like it!!
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special thanks to seabird itself for giving the lyrics to me ^^
youre my idol guys!!!!

sorry i dont put much effort on this.


C-G-Am-GHoney I know it's been far too long
since we've been friends. And trust me I know that just one song won't make a difference
F-C-G-AmWhen I hurt you the way I did,
didn't mean to but I know that don't change the fact that I did. Chorus:
C-Am-Em-F-GThis love aint ordinary love, it's extraordinarily unlikely love (x2)
(repeat verse chords) Honey lets go where our roots can grow and love can bloom within. A river so deep my headstrong heart won't beat without you again. (repeat pre-chorus chords) I wont' hurt you the way I did, I'm forgiven but I know forgiveness don't mean you forget, dont forget. (repeat chorus) (repeat pre-chorus chords) Walk with me, and sing me to sleep, baby please believe me. just walk with me, and sing me to sleep baby please believe. (repeat chorus) thanks for giving time to read this!!
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