Sean Edwards - Princess tab

Title: Princess
Artist: Paolo Santos
Tab by: Lennard Holgado (

This is perfect for those who are broken hearted...
1st tym koh p lng poh mgtab kya sorry poh kung hndi 2h perfect...15 yrs old lng poh
aq... I dedicate this song to the girl whom I love who recently left me...

Standard Tuning (EADGBe)


Verse 1: AM7 The walls of my castle speak F#m7 They tell me youíre not here DM7 The heart of my kingdom weeps AM7 Knowing youíre nowhere near Pre-Chorus 1: DM7 Give me one more chance F#m7 To be with you Bm7 Esus4 E To prove my love is forever true DM7 F#m7 But youíre miles away, so far away Bm7 Esus4 E Hoping that you would stay Chorus: AM7 My princess has left me F#m7 I am so empty, DM7 Bm7 (Cm7...Bm7) Iím all alone C#m7 My princess has left me F#m7 Bm7 (Cm7...Bm7) I have nobody to call my own Verse2: AM7 Sitting in my own room F#m7 Humming a lonely tune DM7 staring up at that moon AM7 wondering if you'd be home soon Pre-Chorus 2: DM7 Have i done you wrong? F#m7 that you went away Bm7 Esus4 E would do anything to make you stay DM7 F#m7 thinking of you.. day and night Bm7 Esus4 E wanting to make things right (repeat chorus)
Adlib:(1st guitar followed with 2nd guitar playing the intro)e|--------9h10/9------------------------------------------|B|-9h10p9----------------------------------------5/7-4----|G|--------------7/9-8910-10p9-8-8h9-10/11-12-13-----------|D|--------------------------------------------------------|A|--------------------------------------------------------|E|--------------------------------------------------------|
(repeat pre-chorus 1) (repeat chorus) Coda: AM7 My princess has left me AM7 My princess has left me F#m7 I am so empty AM7 My princess has left me Chords used: AM7: x02120 DM7: x00222 F#m7: 242222 Bm7: 224232 C#m7: 446454 Cm7: 335343 Hndi poh aq cgurdo dun s adlib kya kung meron kaung suggestion or comment plz email at rate n lng poh...
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