Sean Kingston – Replay chords

Hey this is my first tab.  It's a beautiful song and like all Sean Kingston songs 
(and most hip-hop/r&b songs in general) it only needs 4 chords to play on guitar, 
just repeat them throughout the song.

The chords are:
F# (bar it or just play it on the first 3 strings)

F# D AShawty's like a melody in my head
EThat I can't keep out
Got me singin' like
F# DNa na na na everyday
A EIt's like my iPod stuck on replay
F# DRemember the first time we met
A EYou was at the mall wit yo friend
I was scared to approach ya But then you came closer Hopin' you would give me a chance Who would have ever knew That we would ever be more than friends We're real worldwide, breakin all the rules She like a song played again and again That girl, like somethin off a poster That girl, is a dime they say That girl, is a gun to my holster She's runnin through my mind all day, ay Chorus X2 and the rest of the song just keep playing those 4 chords.
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