Sean Mcconnell – The Other Side chords

A E Snowed this mornin'
B C#mThat kind of cold
B Where your car won't start
AAnd your heart won't go
A E A B C#mThe headwaters up here will freeze your bones
A C#m B ABut they say I can float this river home
BIt's that long
A E B C#mThe Mississippi river runs so wide
A E B C#mThe biggest tear God ever cried
A E B C#mRight now it feels like the great divide
A E B C#mAnd Lord I want to be on the other side
A E B EAnd Lord I want to be on the other side
A E B C#mWhere that icy water turns to mud
B AAnd tastes dirty like it always should
A EWhere they talk lazy
A B C#mAnd they walk slow
A C#M B AAnd there's gospel in the radio
BThat's where I want to go
A E B C#m50 miles til I get home
B ABut when you're this close miles go twice as long
A EWhen I cross over
A B C#mI'm going to get down
A C#M B AGonna close my eyes and kiss the ground
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