Sebadoh – Beauty Of The Ride tab

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From Sun May  4 09:50:14 1997
Date: Fri, 11 Apr 1997 15:48:04 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Horrible Sebadoh tab....

Beauty of the Ride
by Sebadoh
>From the Album "Harmacy"

Standard Tuning (EADGBE)

Opening Riff

B5 D5e--2---2-----2----5-5-5--|B--2-----3---2----5-5-5--|G--4-------2-4----7-7-7--| (x 4)D--4---------4----7-7-7--|A--x---------X----X-X-X--|E--X---------X----X-X-X--|
Bm Never did and never will, A F# That's the way its always been Bm I've made mistakes before A F# I'll make the same again Bm And all this tension we ignore A F# Bm Surely works its ugly way..... inside Repeat pattern for Verse Two I have known that nothing's fair What could I expect When magic slips into the air And every day's another test And all this tension we ignore Surely works its ugly way.... outside Chorus: A Bm So let it build, let it explode A Bm Leaving blood and shattered bone A Bm Or bite your tongue til you've forgotten what to say A F# And take another step back A Bm Until you find you've walked away Opening Riff (4 times) Bm (cut off) Silence like disease, F#(upstroke, let ring) But I dare not say it hurts Bm(muted) Cause if I honestly react A F#(both muted) Nothing's ever gonna work Bm And all this tension back and forth A F# Bm It's just the beauty of the ride... A F# Bm It's just the beauty of the ride.... Repeat Chorus Repeat Opening Riff times 4 That's all folks! This really isn't a difficult song....just listen to the album for the timing.... Tabbed by Chad Miller and Josh Hawkins Wright State University ( (
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