Sebadoh – Flood tab

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From: "James Eric Spencer" 
Date: Wed, 17 Jan 1996 01:20:24 -0500

By Jason Lowenstein
I don't have the original transcription that I made to
this song awhile back, so the verse guitar part is a
guess at best.  It sounds okay though.  The chorus is
right.  The lyrics are from memory.  So suggestions not
insults would be nice.  Also, when I find the real verse
tab I'll send that too.

(with heavy distortion)

VERSE:e------------------------|B------------------------| '^' -> Full bendG------------------------|D------------------------|A---------------------3--|E-0-0-1-0-3^-0-0-1-0-3---|
CHORUS:e-------------------|B-------3-3-3-3-2-0-| As with my other seBATabs, the 1stG-----2-3-3-3-3-2-0-| 3 chords in the chorus are played inD-2-5-2-------------| a pattern more than once, and areA-2-5-0-------------| only written once to save time.E-0-3---------------|
LYRICS: The cap comes off the 40oz The boring cat comes out to pounce Uncap the joy, I love control The nightcat flows within my soul Yeah, all right Gonna ride with the flood tonight The girls, the boys(?) were smoking joints in the car 100 mph through the meadow I'm ????????? drunk from the get go Yeah, all right Gonna ride with the flood tonight Yeah, all right Gonna uncap the flood tonight The nightcat makes me wanna sing Because I don't feel a thing Except all the joy in the world Come on get in the car let's go Chorus again The he yells what ever the last line of the second verse is a few times (I'm so fucking drunk from the go?) (I'm stoned.......Drunk from the go?) Anyone??? This song is almost as cool as Mike Flood himself!!!
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