Sebadoh – Rebound tab

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Date: Sun, 5 Nov 1995 14:40:51 -0500
Subject: "rebound" by sebadoh

performed by sebadoh
written by lou barlow

two chords.  one riff.  and to think it took me almost five months to figure
out.  oh well.  here we go.

rebound can be found on sebadoh's "bakesale" album.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------[chord chart] e deb|----0-------2---------------------------------------------------------------|bb|----0-------3---------------------------------------------------------------|gb|----1-------2---------------------------------------------------------------|db|----2-------0---------------------------------------------------------------|ab|----2-------0---------------------------------------------------------------|eb|----0-------x---------------------------------------------------------------|-------------------------------------------------------------------------------|---[riff 1]
[riff 1] 3x e heartbroken and attractive d a sad sloppy mess e looking for approval d easily impressed e beware they say but why would I listen d I need to know what I've been missing e I'm no one you can trust d all little boy lonely and curious lust e confusion turns me upside down I'm lost as quickly as I'm found d soon enough it turns around on the rebound [riff 1] 1x e call it fate or true love d never forced romance e fell into a new love d maybe perfect love by chance e beware they say but why would I listen d when it feels this good e no one lives their life d doing all the things they say they should e confusion turns me upside down I'm lost as quickly as I'm found d soon enough it turns around e d on the rebound e d on the rebound on the rebound e on the rebound transcribed by
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