Sebastien Lefebvre - Life Goes On chords

Well, this is my first tab..or chords. Hmm whatever...
If there are any mistakes please let me know:
But to me it sounds good:P
Just one thing... use capo on 1st fret

Intro   (Em)

Em F CIt was a Sunday afternoon
G EmWaiting around
F CUnder the awning as it rained
GLooking to drown
C F But life goes on
C GAnd on
C F And it goes on
C GAnd on
F CUntil I noticed you had left
G EmNext to the stores
F CI could hear footsteps in the street
GThey were not yours.
C F But life goes on,
C GAnd on
C F And it goes on,
C GAnd on
C G C G On On On On [x2]
Em F C G Em
F CUp and down cobble roads in town
G EmI walked alone
F C Seeing your face from time to time
G Hurts to my bones
C FBut life goes on
C G And on
C FAnd it goes on
C GAnd on
More information in: Simple Plan for ever! Seb Lefebvre rocks!(H)
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