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Secondhand Serenade – Maybe tab

C D/DMaj7(b5) Bm7 CMaj7

(Verse 1)
       C                            D
Beep Beep Oh Look Now There Goes My Phone
                       Bm7                    CMaj7
And Once Again Im Just Hoping Its A Text From You

C                         D                     Bm7                    CMaj7
It Aint Right i read your Messages Twice thrice Four Times A Night Its True
     C               D
Everyday I Patiently Wait
               Bm7           CMaj7
Feeling Like A Fool But I Do Anyway
C                                D
Nothing Can Feel As Sweet And As Real
             Bm7               CMaj7
As Knowing I Wasn't Waiting In Vain

              C                                      D
And Maybe Its True (may be its true) Im caught Up On You
Maybe Theres A Chance That you're
Stuck On Me Too
            D                   D
So Maybe Im wrong Its All In My Head
            Bm7                          CMaj7
Maybe We're Awaiting Words We Both Hadnt Said

(Verse 2)
I'm Always Connected Online
Hooked On Facebook All The Time
Hoping You've Checked My Profile


(Bridge) x2
              C                        D                 Bm7
Like I really want you, I think I need you, Maybe I miss you, Im thinking of
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