Secondhand Serenade - Let Me In tab version 1

So This is my first tab,
And I have no idea how to make it on Ultimate Guitar.
I think i have the basic song, but the tab might look weird, so you might have to concentrate =P

Its Capo 2, and standard tuning

e|-0-0-0-0-----0-------------|B|-3-3-3-3-----3-------------|G|-2-2-2-2-----2-------------|D|-0-0-0-0-----0-------------|A|-1-1-1-1-----1-------------| E|-0-0-0-0-----0-------------|
e|-0-0-0-0-----0-------------|B|-0-0-0-0-----0-------------|G|-2-2-2-2-----2-------------|D|-2-2-2-2-----2-------------|A|-1-1-1-1-----1-------------| E|-0-0-0-0-----0-------------|
e|-x-x-x-x------x-----------|B|-3-3-3-3------3-----------|G|-3-3-3-3------3-----------|D|-2-2-2-2------2-----------|A|-1-1-1-1------1-----------| E|-1-1-1-1------1-----------|
e|-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-----------|B|-5-5-x-x-5-5-x-x-----------|G|-5-5-x-x-5-5-x-x-----------|D|-4-4-x-x-4-4-x-x-----------|A|-3-3-x-x-3-3-x-x-----------| E|-3-3-x-x-3-3-x-x-----------|
And thats pretty much the whole song. The strumming changes later on, so listen to the song for all the patterns =)
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