Sleepsong chords with lyrics by Secret Garden - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Secret Garden – Sleepsong chords

"Sleepsong" by Secret Garden

Verse 1:
Dm Bb CLay down your head, and I'll sing you a lullaby
Dm Bb CBack to the years of loo-li-lai-ley
DmAnd I'll sing you to sleep
Bb CAnd I'll sing you to morrow
Dm Bb Am DmBless you with love for the road that you go
Verse 2:
Dm Bb Gm AMay you sail fair to the far fields of fortune
Dm Bb Gm AmWith diamonds and pearls at your head and your feet
Bb F Gm AmAnd may you need never to banish misfortune
Dm Bb Am DmMay you find kindness in all that you meet
Bb C Am BbMay there always be angels to watch over you
Bb C DmTo guide you each step of the way
Bb C Am BbTo guard you and keep you safe from all harm
Bb C DmLoo-li-loo-li-lai-ley
Instrumental: F F Bb C (x2) Bb F Bb C - Dm C Bb - Dm... Verse 3:
Dm Bb CMay you bring love, and may you bring happiness
Dm Bb Gm AmBe loved in return to the end of your days
Bb F Bb AmNow fall off to sleep; I'm not meaning to keep you
Dm Bb Am DmI'll just sit for a while and sing loo-li-lai-ley
(Back to Chorus, and repeat last line)
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