Seger Bob – Til It Shines tab

This is a loosely translated version of Til It Shines by Bob Seger:

Intro: C, Em, Am, G
       C, Em, Am, G

Verse: C, Em, Am, G (play four times, then go to chorus)

Chorus: F, G, C, C/B, Am

I regret that I am unable to provide lyrics. I can't remember all the words, but here's an example of how the verse plays using the words I can remember:

C         Em                Am      G 
Storm the walls around this prison;
C         Em                Am      G     
Leave the inmates, free the guards.
C       Em             Am     G
Deal me up a brand new future from some
C         Em      Am      G
Brand new deck of cards.

F               G
Still if we can make the effort;
C          C/B     Am
Smooth out all the lines
F                 G              C 
Maybe then we can leave this all behind
       C       Em       Am      G 
Til it shines

et cetera, et cetera. This song can be found on the "Stranger In Town" album.
I anyone would like to add to this submission by adding the (correct) lyrics, please feel free. You may also have a different way of playing this song but I think this version pretty much nails it down. Later, ya'll. Thanks and enjoy.

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