Selah – You Deliver Me chords

Song: You Deliver Me
Key C major
modulate to G Major
Tabbed By Taylor

Verse 1
C GDeep as the ocean And right as rain
F C/G G This powerful emotion Lifts me up above the plain
C G Taking me places I never thought I'd go
F C/G G Showing me a grace I never thought I'd know
C GWhen I feel like I can't go on
Am F GYou deliver me
C GAnd when the road is winding And way too long
Am F G CYou deliver me, You deliver me
Verse 2 (Chords are same as verse 1) I feel like a sinner, Whose sins Have been washed clean An absolute beginner, Whose heart has never seen I must be forgiven, For sometimes asking why I was chosen to be given, You in this life (Chorus) Bridge
Am F When there's a distance, Between,
C G what I am, And who I wanna be
(Hold) GYou deliver me
G D/F#When I feel like I can't go on
Em7 Cadd9 D/F#You deliver me
G D/F#And when the road is winding And way too long
Em7 Cadd9 D/F# GYou deliver me, You deliver me.
End on G Questions on the bridge, not sure its 100% email if anyone finds its wrong and show me the corrections.
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