Sergei Prokofiev - Peter And The Wolf tab version 1

this is the last submition! and the most correct one!, sorry:)

Peter and the Wolf

(/) - slide down.
(x) - play it silent.

E -3--------------------------------------------------2-3---A ----3-------------------------3-5-2--2/10-2--2/10-2-x-x---D -------2-5---5--2-5-------5-2-----1--1/09-1--1/09-1-1-2---G -----------2--------2-4-5---------------------------------B ----------------------------------------------------------E ----------------------------------------------------------
E -6--------------------------------------------------5-6---A ----6-------------------------6-8-5--5/13-5--5/13-5-x-x---D -------5-8---8--5-8-------8-5-----4--4/12-4--4/12-4-4-5---G -----------5--------5-7-8---------------------------------B ----------------------------------------------------------E ----------------------------------------------------------
you can play it anywhere on the guitar as long as you begin the first part on a G note and the second on an A# note!
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