Set Your Goals - The Few That Remain tab

It doesn't have to be in Drop D, but I'm guessing it is because it's Set Your Goals.

rhythm guitar (0:00-0:12) |------------|------------|------------|------------| |------------|------------|------------|------------| |------------|------------|------------|------------| |8-10--------|------------|8-10-10-10--|------------| |8-10--------|------------|8-10-10-10--|------------| |8-10--------|------------|8-10-10-10--|-pick slide-|
lead guitar (0:00-0:12) |---------------------| |---------------------| |---------------------| X4 |---------------------| |------6666----88888--| |101010----8888-------| PM|.....................|
rhythm guitar (0:12-0:24) |--------------------------| |--------------------------| |------8888----1010101010--| X4
|101010888888881010101010--| |10101066668888-8-8-8-8-8--| |101010----8888------------|
The first time I've made a tab. I know it's nothing special, I just kinda wanting to uploading tabs but I'm too lazy to sit and figure out it all :P
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