Seth Condrey – You Alone chords

Capo 4

[Verse 1]
GWhen this life has overwhelmed me
EmAnd I feel like giving up
GI will cling to all You've promised
Em CIt will always be enough
GWhen the world around me crumbles
EmAnd it's hard to understand
GI will run to You my shelter
Em CI am safe within Your hands
C Em DYou are my help forever
GI will not fear, God you are with me
EmI know You're near, You'll never leave me
C Em DI will trust in You alone
GAnd when my heart, and strength have failed me
EmMy God You won't, Your name is mighty
C Em DI will trust in You alone
[Verse 2]
GWhen I'm broken in the silence
EmI can hear You whispering
GYou're not alone here in the trials
Em CI will hold you faithfully
G EmYou are fortress for the weak
CThe strength that carries me
DWhen I am on my knees
G EmThe cross reminds my heart to trust
CYour faithfulness and love
DWill always be enough
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