Seth Lakeman – The White Hare chords

The White Hare
Tabbed for Tenor Guitar/Irish Bouzouki (GDAD tuning)

All fingering/chords relative to capo on 8th fret

Intro: Repeat x2 |--- x1 ----|D|--------------------0---5-0--0-0------5-5-5-5---55-5--55-5--------|A|-0h2-------2h3p2p0--0---0-0--0-0h2p0--2---2-2---22-3--33-3--3p2p0-|D|-0---------0--------0---0-0-----------2---2-2---22-2--22-2--------|G|------0-------------2---2-2-----------0---------------------------|
Vers #1:
GI heard her in the valley
D5\A Dsus4\A D5\AI heard her in the dead of night
D5\A EmThe warning of a white hare
Em C\EEyes burning bright
GCareful you don't catch her
D5\A Dsus4\A D5\AOr give her right of way
D5\A EmOr she may look upon you
Em C\EAnd steal your soul away
Link into chorus is A Csus2\D - C\E - Csus2\D - D5\A progression usinghammer on/pull off of index finger
D5\A G Gsus4 G Cadd9\G And the White Hare is calling
Cadd9\G D5\A She's dancing in the night
D5\A G Gsus4 G Cadd9\G She'll be out un - til morning
Cadd9\G D5\A Her eyes are burning bright
D5\A G Gsus4 G Cadd9\G C\G And the White Hare is calling
Gsus4 C\G Verse #2 and #3 (#3 slightly muted) outro same as intro Enjoy!
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