Seu Worship – Fall chords


Words and Music by Chase Wagner

GInto your love
DInto the depths of your heart
GI’m falling into your arms
DInto the strength of our God
EmIn all of the world
DNothing will hinder your praise
EmAll of my life
DI give to you all of my days
CI want to fall
GI want to fall
DDeeper in love with you
CBurn in my heart
GA greater love
DA passion all for you
Verse 2:
GOut of the dark and
DOut of the life I once knew
GInto your freedom
DInto your grace proven true
EmNow I can see you
DNow I live to worship your name
EmForever I’ll love you
DJesus forever you reign
CHORUS Bridge:
C GLord I want your face to shine upon me
DLord I want your voice to speak my name
C GI’m longing just to feel your arms around me
DWon’t you let your presence fill this place
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