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Date: Fri, 20 Dec 1996 14:48:00 -0600
From: Kent Caperton 
Subject: Strength by Seven Day Jesus

by Seven Day Jesus

A  E  G  D

'little' solo sometimes between verses and during:e------------------b-----2-5-3-2-0----g-2-2-----------2--d------------------a------------------e------------------
Chorus: F E A C E bridge: D A F E D A G E
(or something like that) verse: Im my eyes I see a blur of things that others see so clearly In my strength I run away from things that cause my heart to fear I'm back and forth and back again, and to the place where I began Maybe I'm making this much harder than it is When I'm down you always give me something bright to make me smile When I'm hurt you're always with me I used to wonder if you loved me, now I know that this is true I can't believe how much you care Chorus: Sometimes I think about the cross Sometimes I'm thinking of myself bridge: Sometimes I think of going back to the time that i once knew Then I get a glimpse of you repeat chorus and verse 1. copyright 1996 5 Minute Walk Music/Sow Belly Music All songs written by Seven Day Jesus; lyrics by Brian McSweeny
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