Sex Bob-omb – Summertime tab

Hi, i'm Jeremiah, and I've tabbed 'Summertime' by Sex Bob-omb from the Scott Pilgrim Soundtrack.

Intro: Strum this for a bit.e|---|B|---|G|-5-|D|-5-|A|-3-|E|---|
verse:e|----------|B|---10---9-|G|-5-10-5-9-|D|-5-10-5-9-|A|-3-8--3-7-|E|----------|Easy to figure out, it goes C, F then C, E.
2nd Chorus:chorus|--------||--------||-9------||-9--9-7-||-7--9-7-||----7-5-|x3
After the first verse, the last bar of the verse, keep strumming the C power chord until chorus.
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