Sex Bob-omb – Garbage Truck chords

*I have set this out so it is easy to read*

Hey guys, i'm a bit of a novice with this sort of thing and this is my first tab, but I 
worked out an easier way to play the main part of Garbage Truck from the film Scott 
vs. The World, with 'Cowboy' Chords...

The main part of the song (the continuous Bass Line that is exactly the same notes as 
acoustic's chords) is all I know, but as I said it is pretty much all the song. Its 
the intro that runs through the most of the tune.


E, E, D, D, G, G, B7 B7, B7  (PLAY X4) (main riff)

then play; B7 B7 B7 B7, A A A, G

E, E, D, D, G, G, B7 B7, B7 (AND SO ON..)

Sorry, But this is all I know =/

If any1 has any contributions feel free to use this as a template
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