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Shack – Daniella tab

Daniella (Head) by Shack

I remember crossing the bridge

G                 Em
Yeah Daniella and me

I remember Jack went away

       D            F          Am
And we followed him for seven days

G                F                 Am
All the pubs and bars he'd been in

G                 F                   Am
All the shops and places that he'd seen

When the rain and snow pelted us

G                   Em
We'd hide up in the trees

Tree houses my specialty

       D            F             Am
Cos it comes from a dad who knows trees

G               F                 Am
I'll go fishing for something to eat

G                     F                      Am
I hope you think it's tasty, I know you love meat

C                  Em           Am
Oh Daniella. Go to sleep pretty baby

When we arrived in the town

G                 Em
Yeah Daniella and me

We thought we saw Jack for a while

       D             F              Am
And we did, and he's in a terrible state

G                      F             Am
His brand new trainees gone and his teeth

G                 F           Am
He looked high as heaven to me

       C                   Em
Come on Jack lets get you home

Come on follow me

    C                Em
Your mama, she's not afraid any more

She's in the cemetery

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