Shakey Graves – Family Tree chords

It matched up best whenever I tuned each string down a whole step, but I know if Im 
singing than I play two frets lower.

Intro RiffD||-----9------9---------10-------5-----------------------|A||-----10-----9---------10-------5-----------------------|F||-----11-----10--------11-------6-----------------------|C||-----11-----11--------12-------7-----------------------|B||-5/9-9------11--------12-------7-----------------------|D||----------9-9----9/10-10-----5-5-----------------------|
Verse StrummingI like to do this strumming pattern but you could really do anything you want.D||-------x------------------------------------------|A||---------------x----------------------------------|F||---x-------x--------------------------------------|C||-----x-------x------------------------------------|B||--------------------------------------------------|D||-x-------x----------------------------------------|
A: 577655 D: x57775 E: x79997 Intro Riff x2 Verse
AOnly dead folks get my jokes
AStorm the castle and swim the moat
DAcross the world lives a big old goat
AWho's got nine eyes and breathes nothing but smoke
E DAnd he loves Lilly but Lilly loves me
E DAnd Lilly loves Shelia but Shelia Loves me
ASo lets go out back and plant a family tree
AWe'll be as happy as a couple motherfuckers can be
Riff x2 Verse 2
ALoad your pistol to shoot the breeze
AGo to the garden tell the birds and bees
DNot to bother the girls or harass the boys
ABusk for your breakfast baby make some noise
E DWe'll wake up grandpa wake up Jane
E DThrow a couple rocks at their window pane
Dm AIf daddy gives me money Ill drink my milk
AGot women to scare
AGot a world to tilt
DThere's no one in the world but you for me
Riff So lets go out back and plant a family tree Riff
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