Shakey Graves – Chinatown chords

Based off one of his videos, I dunno which one. This is how I play it and it works 
pretty well. Feel free to add input in the comments.


--CAPO 1--

Intro: C/G C7 F C walkdown to Am F G G7

C/GThis heart of mine keeps decent time
C7Though my ears may be weak
FAnd my eyes may be all but blind
C C/B AmI still have sense enough to hear
F G G7 And I'm not much without you near
C/GI've paid my dues
Done one or two
C7 F But still it keeps a boiling down to you
C C/B AmSo choose to be my victory, or vice
F G Oh either way I still want you here tonight
Dm G Dm GHeaven knows it's hard to find another
E C C/B AmOh hell knows it's got a home for folks like me
FThere will come a day
GWhen the earth will cease to spin
FYou'll hold me close and say
GMy god where have you been?
C/G I've been around, old Chinatown
C7 FHappily lost but oh so easily found
C C/B AmThey're counting the stars above the hill
F G (Optional G7)'Neath some old moon, humming my tune
CI'll see you soon
The C at the end could be wrong. I usually just repeat the verse structure and repeat the line "I'll see you soon" until a proper ending, but if you wanna get jazzy with it go for it.
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