Shane And Shane - In You tab

In You... from the Album Pages

E      022100
Esus   022200
E/G#   021100
A2     002200
C      332010
D      554030
Bsus   024400
C#m    046600

  E                E/G#       
I sing for joy and my remorse.

  A2              C         D
A well within prosperity's curse.

     E                 E/G#         
That drowns the mighty oak of pride

    A2                C
but feeds the root of God


   A2    Bsus        E Esus E   
In You I find my rest.

   A2    Bsus          E Esus E
In You I find my death.

   A2    Bsus     C#m B       A
In You I find my all    & my emptiness.

Somehow it all makes sense. 


In You Iím rich
When Iíve been made poor
Comfort found when I mourn
The prideful one You see from afar
Drawing near to low, broken hearts.

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