Shane And Shane – There Is None Like You tab

There is none like You
written by Lenny LeBlanc
as played by shane and shane

Chords relative to Capo 1
(You might also try capo 4 or Capo 4 partial capo 6 and play it in E)

G/F#  2x0233
D/F#  2x0232
Am7   x02010
G/D   xx0233
C     x32033
Em7   022033

Some parts alternate between the D/F# and G/F#

G        G/F#      Em7
There is none like You
C      G/B               Am7            D/F#
No one else can touch my heart like you do
G       G/F#               Em7  E
I could search for all eternity long
    Am7           D/F#      C
And find there is none like You
C         G/F#            C                    G/F#
None like You,  None like You,  Not a one like You
         C                  G/F#
No not a one,  Not one like You

     C     D/F#         G  G/F#  Em7   G/D
Your mercy flows like a river    wide
    C       G/F#          G   G/F#
And healing comes in Your Name
C           D/F#      G       G/F#  Em7    G/D
Helpless children are safe in Your arms
C                  G/F#
There is none like You

Intro tab w/capo 1:

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