Shane And Shane – I Will Not Forget You chords

Intro: G-D-Em-C

G DMany men will drink the rain
Em CAnd turn to thank the clouds
G DMany men will hear you Speak
Em CThey will never turn around
GBut I will not forget
DYou are my god my king
EmWith a thankful heart
CI bring you my offering
GAnd my sacrifice is
DNot what You can give
EmBut what I alone can
CGive to you
GA grateful heart I give
DA thankful prayer I pray
Em CA Wild dance I dance before You
GA Loud song I sing
DA huge bell I ring
EmA life of praise I live before you
G DMany men will pour their gold
Em CAnd serve a thing that shines
G DMany men will read your words
Em CThey will never change their minds
�1999 Corinthian Music by Maranatha! Music) Words and Music by Ben Pasley and Robin Pasley
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