Shangri Las – Dressed In Black tab

Dressed in Black

F  				    F7	
Dressed in black he walks alone, a shadow in the night
Bb 					  Dm
Each time he walks by my window can't hold the tears from my eyes
G                               C
We're still so much in love why can't they realize

           F							     D#	
That every time he looks at me I long to feel his lips on mine
I live on just the memory of him caressing me
   D#       C        D#       C 
So soft, so warm, so soft, so warm

D#                                 C        
They said he was much too wild for me
D#                                                  C
They said I didn't know what I was getting myself into
D#                      C        D#       C
They said a whole lot of things

(verse chords)
But there are some things they could never understand
That a girl can tell by the way a boy holds her hand
Or maybe they thought we were too young to be in love this way
Well I don't care what people say
This girl's love is getting stronger with each passing day


So soft, so warm, so soft, so warm
But now he's gone, but now he's gone
I climb the stairs I shut the door I turn the lock
Alone, once more and no one can hear me cry, no one...

by: José Duarte
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