Shannon Noll – New Beginning tab

SHANNON NOLL - "New Beginning" - tabbed by Ashton@Bordeaux (05-18-2007)

D            E                       A     F#m
 If I'd have known what you would say
D         E                A      F#m
 I'd have turned and walked away
D               E                      A      F#m
 Can't hold the tears back though i try
             D                E            A
 Cos there's nothing quite as sad as goodbye

D             E                A      F#m
 Don't want to think about tomorrow
D          E            A     F#m
 You won't be here by my side
D         E                   A         F#m
 All of a sudden i feel hollow
        D                E            A
 Theres nothing quite as sad as goodbye

         D         A
 So im alone again 
E                F#m                     D   A              E
 Tryin to find a ticket to the next train, to the next train
           D        A E               F#m
 I'm on my own again, waiting in line
       D   E
 For a new, new beginning
(same as verse)
 New beginning

 I know that we are better off

 Still i feel that I've lost

 When i look into your eyes

 Theres nothing quite as sad as goodbye


 E                          D
 Back where i once started, try my luck again
 E                         A
 Now i've got my heart set on a better day, yeah
 E                           D
 Who's to say what's waiting just around the bend
 E                           A
 Can't do more then hope and pray for a happy end

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