Shawn Mullins – Home chords

Home      -      Shawn Mullins
C G C/G GThe funniest girl I ever knew
C FHad hair as orange as halloween
C GThe bluest eyes that saw right through
  FAll the BS in everything
C G C/G GShe was an artist from the start
C FAnd she always sang from the bottom of her heart
C G  And though her road was so long
C G FShe finally made her way back home
C G FShe finally made her way back home
C G C/G GThe loneliest kid I ever saw
C FOwned an old man's callused hands
C GSitting barefoot in front of a dime store
FIn a place some called the promised land
C G C/G GHe had hollow sunken eyes
C FBut he was smiling big like he'd won some kinda prize
C GHe was ragged, he was rolling like a stone
C G FIn the dirty city streets that he called home
C G FYeah, the dirty city streets that he called home
C. G C/G GHobos, tramps and troubadours
C FDon't ride in boxcars like they did before
C GSeems like most of my heroes
FJust ain't around no more
C. G C/G GI know I'm lucky to sing my songs
C FAnd if you want to you can sing along
C GWe've been on this road so long
C G FWon't you help me find my way back home?
C G F CHelp me find my way back home
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