Shearwater – Not Tonight tab


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Shearwater – Not Tonight
Standard Tuning

1st Verse:

Am                                  Em
Hurts so bad that you know it's not sinning.
Am                               Em            G
The funny thing is it's just beginning to feel good.

And downstairs all your friends are waiting, they're talking low and filling their
with angels, and they imagine intervening in true crime photos and placing meaning within
- from blue to red to black-and-white. Don't look too long, you'll be up all night among 
the sudden dead. The last thing he said was "You should have been here before the
arrived, maybe I wouldn't have to die. But just live out this long life jangling, and as 
men you could watch my hand dangling, cold and white."


Dm       C                G
Baaaaaaaby, don't worry tonight; I know it's too
Dm      C                    G
uuuuuugly to hold yourself upright.

2nd Verse:
      Am                         Em
 So fill a clean glass, cold and smooth.
Am                           Em      G
Take the reds, then take the blues. Away,

you can hear a voice that's singing "angels could come but you wouldn't believe them,
those that believe still can't see them anyway." And The Suicide slides out of his skin
he climbs inside of the bed you're in and touches your face. He says "what right had I 
die when all these little cells just tried to keep me alive? What right had I to leave the
race behind? Do you really think you're better, with your shotgun and your suicide 
Do you think you're right?


     Dm       C                G
Well baaaaaaaby, don't worry tonight, I know it's too
Dm        C                    G
uuuuuuuugly to hold yourself upright.


          Dm                   C            G
There's a light from the front room as it's filling with all of your friends.
            Dm                   C                 G
It doesn't  get much better than this, and then it ends."

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