Sherri Youngward - Ill Fly Away chords

Iíll Fly Away Ė Key of E

ESome glad morning when this life is oíre
EIíll fly away
B7To a home on Godís celestial shore
EIíll fly away
EWhen the shadows of this life have grown
EIíll fly away
B7Like a bird from prison bars has flown
EIíll fly away
Am EThere will be no time to say good-bye
Am B7When we meet the Lord up in the sky (2nd time to chorus)
EJust a few more weary days and then
EIíll fly away
B7To a land where joy shall never end
EIíll fly away (to pre-chorus)
Chorus: Iíll fly away oh glory, Iíll fly away When I die hallelujah bye and bye Iíll fly away Bridge: E E7 Am B7 Outro:
E E7 E E7Some glad morning when this life is over
E E7Iíll fly away
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